What We Are! We are Black Wealth Exchange Society. We have built the largest Black business owners community in the world. “Black America Move Markets”, Search for a black business and find a black business and built Black Wealth. We offer a service like no other, Millennials, Generation Y and Generation X shall change the history of America and the World. It time to close the Racial wealth gap.

Black Wealth Exchange Society. Black Americans Move Markets

We are empowering and teaching our black society to build our race, community, families and empower our people in leadership by redirecting our buying power. We African Americans make up just 14% of the population, but we are responsible for some $1.4 trillion in purchases annually.  We Black consumers make up over 50% of overall spend in the United States. We expose the obvious, the elegant in the room, institutionalized thievery by the American system. Not anymore, we are the, “Black Wealth Exchange Society” www.blwes.com.

After the emancipation Day of 1865 — this was to be a new era of black wealth creation. But we were and are still subject to institutionalized slavery, to earn incomes, degrees, hold property and pass down wealth to the next generation was not there plan and they have succeed, but no more.

We are here to build our nation, our people and redirect our buying power. We provide information about black businesses that you have never known, where they are, the production and service, jobs, and news about our people worldwide. We give you the power of knowing, so we give you access to black owned businesses starting in the United States and extending to all black businesses worldwide. Some people call us the black Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. We are just getting started, our platform is expanding at an astronomical rate.

We are partnering with black business owners worldwide. If you are interested in joining us, just register you business it’s free. Or join us for 15 dollars a month, less than a 1.25 cents a day, yeah free.

We are not here to take, but to give. Join us and let’s change the world, our childers future depend on it.